About BFWF
What started as a band of devoted musician activists, has evolved into
Blusion® for World Fusion, a developing non-profit in Sonoma County, CA. Our mission is to fuse diverse socio-economic interests through outreach activities aimed toward developing sustainable communities, social and environmental responsibility, unity, equality and social justice. We want to use our specific talents and resources to help fundraise and sponsor events surrounding these issues, and to broaden social awareness, share information and encourage daily life participation in the creation of a new paradigm.

Established in late 2007, BFWF has produced, co-produced and coordinated multiple events focused on community outreach and education in areas of energy efficiency, environmental sustainability, localizing economies, alternative economic systems and redefining social values and lifestyles.

Blusion® for World Fusion has recently undertaken a long-term project that will address issues of food quality, production, point of origin and distribution methods. We are honoured to be joined in a collaborative effort with esteemed architect, George Beeler, of Aim Associates. Together we will design, build and develop this new project called Aqua Green Living Farms. Everyone here is very excited about this project and we will keep you updated about its progress.

As a unified society the insurmountable can be overcome and our dreams can be realized.
BFWF is interested in hearing from others to explore ideas and actions.
Let us know what interests you!

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