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Solar Fair 2009

Blusion® for World Fusion, in principle, supports a rapid and sustained conversion to solar and renewable energy technologies, accompanied by a dramatic overall reduction of energy use. There is enough evidence, we believe, to conclude that immediate action in that direction might have a positive impact on hopes for human survival and prosperity in the coming years.

We wholeheartedly support solar energy and de-centralized energy production as only one part of a comprehensive strategy to replace more polluting technologies, to reduce consumption and to build equitable social systems. We do not recommend or endorse solar or any other technology as a means to increase consumerism. The Blusion® compound, inclusive of rehearsal facility, has been 100% powered by solar electricity since 2002.

For the above reasons, Rustie Woods, of BFWF, volunteered to book, schedule and organize the entertainment, staging, sound and solar power for the main stage as well as book and schedule the wine stage at the 2009 Solar Fair sponsored by Solar Sonoma County.

To advertise the event, bassist and composer for Blusion®, Paul Dean wrote a solar hot funky jingle for a radio spot.

Check it out     and free the power!

With great appreciation we would like to take a moment to acknowledge and thank all those who graciously contributed their talents, on behalf of the sun, to Mr. Dean's

"Mini-Magnum Solar Opus #47 For Oboe, Mallet, And Glass-Lined Water Heater"

Composer, Bass & Vocals ~ Paul "Palo" Dean
Producer & Vocals ~ Rustie Woods
Special Guest Vocalist ~ Chris Clark
Saxophones ~ Jordan "Punchman" Wardlaw
Guitar ~ Greg "Moonshine" Schlaepfer
Drums ~ Scott "Charterman" Charter
Engineer ~ Jane Clark

The piece was recorded at Jane Clark Studios in Sebastopol California by Jane herself. Multi-platinum and gold-record award winning engineer Jane Clark spent about thirteen years at Motown records. Having worked with enough stars to fill the night sky, she was a natural to help with our biggest local star, the sun.

Special thanks go to former Motown recording artist, writer and visual artist Chris Clark. Chris's completely improvised call-and-response counter-melodic interpretive vocal infusion tied the musical room together in a way that made us all grin as we stood around the soundboard. Thank you Chris!

Event Philosophy

Rustie wanted the planning and organizing of the music stages to reflect the values that we at BFWF would like to see put in place in the greater society. Since this event was a trade show, promoting the interests of the solar industry, it seemed most appropriate to insist that the musicians and technicians be paid for their contributions.

It was also important to Rustie, in the spirit of reducing our environmental footprint and localizing economy, to resist the suggestions of allocating the bulk of the music budget to a big-name performer, most likely needing to be imported from an outside area, while expecting our local artists to perform for free or for a token fee. One of the fundamental purposes of installing solar is to reduce fuel consumption. Localizing economy is an important component in achieving this goal and as such it is important that we support our local businesses and service professionals. Strong communities are not built by soliciting our local merchants for donations while we shop online and spend our dollars outside of our community.

Blusion® for World Fusion is delighted to report that for all stage activities these values were upheld and the event was big fun.

The Lineup

Every event calls for an Emcee to shephard the stage activities throughout the course of the day and keep the patrons informed and excited about each blissful moment they're about to experience. Sistah Solar shined like the sun in this capacity. Complete in solar cell regalia, Sistah Solar, also know as Betty Biodiesel, kept the audience entertained and informed between sets with solar energy facts, information and comic anecdotes.

Sahar and Friends performed the opening ceremony with their drum circle invoking the spirit of the sun. True believers will attribute the gradual disappearance of cloud cover that day as direct evidence of their ceremonial success.

Chaskinakuy followed with authentic Andean music played on an amazing array of unusual native instruments from South America. Their various combinations of flute, lutes, chimes, guitars and voices, along with their costumes and dynamic performance was spellbinding.

Fishbear put in a great performance of their original music, which they call 'fourth wave ska'. Some of these young guys are still in high school, but they play with an intensity and spirit of cooperation that is inspiring.

Blusion performed a set of their original politico-funk jazz music. Heads bobbed, toes tapped and for a brief moment it was almost as though democracy had been restored.

John Allair, Sonoma County's original rock and roller, Blues Boogie-Woogie Man Extraordinaire played the featured set with his hot trio. If John has his say, Rock n Roll is here to stay, and nobody can rock it better than he can.

Sonoma County Taiko Drummers finished up the festivities on the Main Stage closing the day's events with a traditional Japanese Taiko ceremony. Everyone was exhilarated by their polished, precision performance.

Jerry Shafer of Affinity Solar Energy provided dependable and uninterrupted solar power to the Main Stage throughout the event. Jerry is no stranger to solar powered events. His knowledge, experience and skill, not to mention his easygoing delightful personality, make him a true asset and strong ally in the march toward a sustainable future.

The sound system was provided by Martin Tickle of Gathering for Good, a long time event service provider to many of our wonderful North Bay green events.

The Wine Stage featured the jazz stylings of Brulee and the delightful folk songs of the Bija Children's Choir .

And last but certainly not least let us not forget all of the wonderful volunteers who arrived at the crack of dawn, (well almost) to help set up, tote and carry, and tear down at the days end. Without them we would not have survived.

In Closing

Blusion® for World Fusion would like to thank everyone that participated in this event for their hard work, for their dedication, and for sharing in the fun. We'll look for you next year as Rustie has been asked back to bring us more fun in the sun at Solar Fair 2010.

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