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The Blusion® for World Fusion team are avid supporters of local non-profit radio and would like to see it become a far more common source of information and entertainment in our culture. No one knows what matters to a community better than the people who live there. We feel that there are very few political and social projects that are as important as breaking the corporate stranglehold on news and information in America, because this one "issue" affects all the others that are important to us. Community sponsored non-profit radio is a small but important step towards the establishment of real democracy in this country.

When we got a last minute request to run the sound equipment for the second annual KOW-ZA PALOOZA fund-raising event on October 11, 2009, we were there.

KOWS 107.3FM is a small non-profit venture in Occidental California that first broadcast in May of 2007. In our opinion, KOWS deserves much support. It's a place where unscripted, spontaneous and non-dogmatic programming can occur, produced solely by local volunteers. In this world of sterile Mega-Corporate Monopoly programming which is produced in offices in far-off cities, the sprouting seed of community radio introduces some much needed biodiversity into an increasingly mono-culture information environment.

But the best thing about KOW-ZA PALOOZA was that it was a blast! The event had great music, an involved community to support the effort, and a spirit of co-operation that was inspiring, despite the rainy drizzle that tried to dampen the spirits of those present at this outdoor event. We were honored to be asked to help and very glad to support this worthy effort.

So turn your radio receptors to KOWS 107.3FM or Listen Online, there are many splendid programs. Certainly you're sure to find at least one or two that will tickle your fancy.

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